Duca Del Cosma

Tee off. Trend on. Play it fashion-forward.

Until recently, golf attire was conservative, dull, and used only on the course. Fashion rebels like John Daly and Jesper Parnevik began pushing the envelope as a deliberate attempt to reinvigorate the sport’s image, but their outfits didn’t cross over into casualwear.

Roll on the new millennium and golf’s appeal to younger generations is influenced by golf wear fashion trends that are casual, comfortable and can make statements on and off the course. Being able to combine golf wear with an everyday wardrobe has revolutionised the way amateur and professional golfers approach their style.

Millennial enthusiasts are including light knitted sweaters, peak caps, tailored slacks and golf-like dressy sneakers for everyday wear. Premium golf shoe brands such as Duca Del Cosma have rejuvenated golf with golf shoes that are now bold in colour and can be worn on and off the course – a new breed of multipurpose footwear that is comfortable and versatile.

Duca Del Cosma
Duca del Cosma Wildcat Pink Flue Golf Shoe. Fresh and fun meet world-class Italian design.

Technology and comfort on and off the golf course bring both luxury and performance to golf shoes. Waterproof soft-spike shoes and sneaker-style spikeless models enable better performance and allow professional and amateur golfers to make a distinctive statement in a sport that until recently featured minimal colour and style options.

The sophisticated golfer of any age or gender today prefers superior quality shoe brands that dare to be different, are sexy and seductive and offer comfort on and off the golf course.

According to Adolf Stoffberg, CEO of Duca Del Cosma, “Golfers today seek well-constructed, comfortable, golf shoes, essential for walking long distances and playing in any conditions, but at the same time, they desire shoes that are fashionable and sporty chic. Duca Del Cosma shoes are not only of superior quality for comfort but are also stylish, bold, classy, elegant, and sporty.”

The recent signing of Kelly Tan shows the brand’s intention to connect with fashion-conscious female golfers seeking the most stylish and comfortable golf shoes that money can buy, says Stoffberg.

“When I was first introduced to Duca Del Cosma my first impression was that the shoe felt a perfect fit and was a great deal more comfortable than I was used to, especially with the superior construction, soft linings, and outsoles, which are made from durable rubber compounds.

Duca Del Cosma
Duca del Cosma King Cheetah Golf Shoe. 2021 Global Footwear Awards Winner (Bronze), made in tribute to the Hoedspruit Endangered Species’ Centre (HESC) King Cheetah Preservation Project in South Africa.

I found it very easy to make the transition. And the most important thing I noticed was that, as a golfer needs to change one’s shoes regularly, there was no time needed to break them in. I was able to wear them immediately out of the box. If you are into fashion, you are going to love the look and feel of these shoes.” said Kelly Tan upon signing a multi-year contract with Duca Del Cosma through the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Golf wear design has made massive strides and it is now possible to combine comfort, performance and sporty chic in a way that still meets country club dress codes. Improving fashion options contributes to more female players and the younger generations taking up the game because they can express themselves – especially when they have so many fashion options for casual wear.

The brand, also available in South Africa, can be purchased from the online store,www.ducadelcosma.co.za. These golf fashion shoes are also available at select premium golf pro shops across the country – visit the website to identify available stores.