Stronger with you Oud Giorgio Armani

Stronger with you Oud: A New Fragrance by Giorgio Armani

Emporio Armani brings a new, powerful, and mysterious facet to its STRONGER WITH YOU fragrance collection with the debut of the STRONGER WITH YOU OUD.

Paying tribute to the mythical ingredients of the Orient, STRONGER WITH YOU OUD’s Fougère Oriental Woody scent heightens the sensuality of the STRONGER WITH YOU olfactory signature with powerful oud, one of the most precious ingredients in perfumery. The captivating oud note complements the fragrance’s notes of mysterious lavender and alluring vanilla.

Emporio Armani first unveiled its fragrance STRONGER WITH YOU in 2017, celebrating unconditional and powerful love. Now, STRONGER WITH YOU OUD, created for both men and women, reveals a new, powerfully mysterious and refined aspect of the STRONGER WITH YOU spirit.

Stronger with you Oud Giorgio Armani


STRONGER WITH YOU OUD is a Fougère Oriental Woody fragrance composed by Cécile Matton (MANE), the perfumer who crafted the original STRONGER WITH YOU scent. STRONGER WITH YOU OUD’s new interpretation of the scent takes the sensual signature of STRONGER WITH YOU and infuses it with the powerful, abundant, and woody oud note, which blends with mysterious lavandin and alluring vanilla for an evocative effect.

The fragrance opens with the aromatic effervescence of juniper extract, warmed by the spicy richness of saffron accord and elemi essence.

At heart is lavandin grosso, sourced from Provence in the South of France, with the note obtained via hydro-distillation. The sensual, floral, and aromatic lavandin lends a sense of mystery to the fragrance and fuses with the spice notes.

The fragrance’s base is defined by oud butter, a scent with woody, smoky, and animalic facets, with a powerful, sensual, and precious fragrance emblematic of the Middle East and Africa. Derived from the wood of the agar tree, the oud is of 100% natural origin, obtained via hydro-distillation.

This woody note mingles with the vanilla bourbon premium that lends an addictive, balsamic, and floral effect. This note, derived from vanilla sourced in Madagascar’s mountainous Loky Manambato region, is obtained via a specific extraction technique crafted for Armani. The vanilla is sourced through a solidarity sourcing program in collaboration with local NGO Fanamby, prioritizing suppliers who provide reliable work and income for vulnerable people and diversifying revenues to improve local livelihoods while supporting producers and encouraging local entrepreneurship. This evocative note blends with gurjum, a resinous and smoky scent which amplifies the fragrance’s sensual, animalic facets.

EMPORIO ARMANI STRONGER WITH YOU OUD will be available from July 2022 at Edgars, Truworths, Woolworths, Foschini & ARC stores.