TAG Heuer smartwatch

Stay connected with these TAG Heuer smartwatches

With the recent reveal of a brand-new Calibre 4 Connected — the Black Titanium — we look at a trio of ‘Edition’ models, each suited to keep you, ahem, connected…

Connected Calibre E4 Sport Edition

The Sport Edition sports “superior” high-tech functionalities — altitude monitoring and barometer functionality — especially suited for runners and hikers. This makes this luxury smartwatch a commendable companion for professional and amateur sports people. The lightweight, slim-line grade 2 titanium case measures 45 mm in diameter, making reading the display on the move a fuss-free affair. And, thanks to the screen’s crisp resolution, each menu is legible. The colourful accents of the selection of rubber straps add vibrancy to the watch. In addition, the band is perforated to allow the skin to breathe during sports sessions. TAG Heuer says the battery is sufficient to last an entire day.


Connected Calibre E4 Super Mario Limited Edition

The Connected x Super Mario Limited Edition is daring and creative. It adds some fun to your wrist with an animated Mario encouraging the wearer to “get out” and “step up”, challenging them by calibrating their daily step goals. There’s also a style for every mood. (As a reminder, TAG Heuer also offers a duo of Super Mario-inspired Formula 1 timepieces.)

Connected Calibre E4 Porsche Edition

Born from the long-standing partnership between TAG Heuer and the German automaker, among many other functions, this edition connects seamlessly to selected Porsche models, allowing their owners to check on their cars via the watch. Continuing with the Porsche theme, the bezel features a Porsche-inspired 0 to 400 scale, and the colour accents found on the crown and pushers are the same as the electric blue hue of the Taycan electric saloon. Now that’s neat. However, non-Porsche owners can also enjoy the additional features of this “next-generation ally’s” vast selection of functionalities, such as an integrated heart-rate sensor, GPS and accelerometer.

For more information on these and other TAG Heuer timepieces, visit the company’s website here.