Chopard Loves Cinema

Red Carpet Collection | ‘Chopard Loves Cinema’

An Haute Joaillerie collection freely inspired by movie masterpieces.

Representing so much more than an oft-repeated refrain, ‘Chopard Loves Cinema’ is the theme chosen by Chopard to mark its activities at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, which corresponds to the jeweller’s 25th participation as an official partner. On this occasion, Caroline Scheufele has designed a masterful Red Carpet Collection of 75 Haute Joaillerie creations: an epic saga inspired by the grand adventure of cinema from its early black and white charms to its dizzying colours. This creative abundance draws on her own repertoire and the magnificent models capture the watershed moment when contemporary cinema was born and began to blossom.

Caroline Scheufele unveils the first creations ahead of the full Red Carpet Collection to be staged at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival (17 – 28 May 2022). Chopard’s tireless Co-President and Artistic Director’s zest for life and eclectic tastes drive her prolific inventiveness and a dazzling capacity to arouse jewellery emotions. Much like a film director, this keen lover of the seventh art has devised a jewellery collection freely inspired by her favourite movies and which have had a lasting impact on her, whether through the worlds they portray or certain legendary scenes that have inducted these masterpieces into cinema’s hall of fame. In tribute to the 75th Cannes Film Festival, the collections will be composed of no fewer than 75 Haute Joaillerie creations, whose wonders can be admired on the famous red carpet of the Festival’s preview screenings. A technical feat, brought to life through the combined talents and expertise of a team of jewellers such as only Chopard is capable of assembling.

Chopard Loves Cinema

Boundless inspiration from films to jewels

To enhance the dazzling sparkle of this Red Carpet Collection, Chopard’s ateliers have assembled a selection of high-quality precious stones. This approach has notably given rise to earrings set with two 17.16 and 15.85-carat unheated sapphires. While sourcing a single sapphire of this size and with such a naturally rich colour is already a rare occurrence in itself, pairing two specimens of equal properties is quite simply miraculous. To reveal the nobility of this sapphire duo, whose luminous hue is described as cornflower blue, Chopard has combined them with two sets of white, pink and blue diamonds, thus creating an enchanting visual feast.

A great admirer of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece To Catch a Thief, Caroline Scheufele has also designed a necklace based on an exceptional 13.69-carat internally flawless D-grade diamond, which evokes the spirit of the French Riviera, whose luxury and relaxed lifestyle have been attracting the greatest stars for decades.

Other jewels in the Red Carpet Collection include a rich pearl necklace punctuated by a pear-shaped spinel that falls gracefully into the hollow of the neck, as well as a set of aquamarine and diamond rings and earrings shaped like the prow of a gondola and Venetian bridges, as well as a pair of earrings in tangy colours punctuated by yellow, pink and white diamonds.