Introducing Pro Planet Collection By The Fossil Group Featuring Cactus Leather Totes & Solar-Powered Watch

As part of a continued commitment to sustainability, Fossil is proud to launch its latest pro-planet assortment. This collection includes brand new cactus leather tote bags made in partnership with Desserto®, and their second iteration of the limited-edition Solar Watch.

The launches follow commitments that Fossil announced in 2019 as part of their ongoing Make Time For Good initiative, dedicated to making change in communities throughout the world through pro-planet materials, products and packaging, as well as reducing our footprint in water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The cactus leather totes and Solar Watch are an example of new materials and sustainable partners that Fossil has cultivated in an increased push towards leaving a lighter footprint for a more sustainable future.

Introducing Kier Cactus Leather Totes 

Fossil is proud to be one of the first retailers to introduce vegan cactus leather, an innovative material new to the industry, through the collection of Kier Cactus Leather Totes. Each bag is designed with material made from organically grown cactus leaves developed by Desserto®, a Mexico-based company with a focus on sustainable materials. The leaves come from cactus plants that require only rain water and Earth minerals for growth. Once harvested, the leaves are dried in the sun for three to six days, which removes the need for any additional energy source for the drying process.


Not only is this an energy-efficient processing technique, but no herbicides, pesticides or irrigation systems are used in the production of the cactus. As a result of this innovative process, each Kier tote saves 7.5 liters of water — the equivalent of fifteen 500 milliliter water bottles. Additionally, each cactus’ trunk is left intact to enable repeat harvesting, as the leaves regenerate every six to eight months. The collection will include four stunning colorways — moss, wine, black and brown.

No Herbicides – No Pesticides – No Irrigation

Introducing Limited Edition Solar Watch World-Timer

The Limited Editor Solar World – Timer watch was created in support of Earth Day, the timepiece was created with eco conscious design and pro planet materials.


The watch houses a solar-powered movement with a rechargeable battery, which can reach a full charge after eight hours in the sun and will retain charge for up to three months. Also, the 42mm watch case is made with castor oil while the strap is made from post-consumer plastic bottles. In addition to its pro-planet designs, the World-Timer is packed with features, including a compass, stopwatch, alarm, timer, and world time function. In the world time function, the user can select from forty nine cities around the world to easily check the local time in that area, connecting users across the globe.

100 % Solar Digital Movement Powered By An Internal Solar

Introducing Aaren Naturals

Each watch in the Skagen Aaren Naturals collection is made using natural and pro-planet materials such as mulberry bark, cork, and apple ‘leather’.These materials are far more sustainable than leather or synthetic fabric straps and actually, revitalises our natural world rather than destroys it. Instead, the Aaren Naturals range helps to take action against climate change through water and waste reductions.


Moreover, the clock face is created using stainless steel with at least 50% recycled content, so you can be sure that every component of your Skagen watch is carefully constructed to help you become an eco-warrior. The collection is available in eight gorgeous earthy-toned colourways, which is a subtle nod to the brand’s environmental commitments.

Made of more than 50 % recycled content

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