Pandora introduces new Charm for change in support of UNICEF

Pandora continues its collaboration with UNICEF, for a third year, which aims to help reach more than 10 million children and young people with opportunities to learn, express themselves and find work in the future.

In support of the positive dreams and hopes of children and young people, Pandora has adapted its existing Dreamcatcher charm by adding the colour blue into the design, creating a new limited-edition piece. A dreamcatcher is a symbolic talisman originating from Native American and indigenous communities, thought to protect people from bad dreams by only allowing good dreams to pass through.

Pandora introduces new Charm for change in support of UNICEF

“Since 2019, Pandora has proudly supported UNICEF’s efforts to empower young people by funding learning and skills development, rights awareness and gender equality activities in several countries around the world ” said Marissa Saretsky, Head of Sustainability at Pandora. “The UNICEF Dreamcatcher program in Guatemala helps to open doors for young boys and girls by bringing students through vital lower secondary education.”

With R270 from every purchase of the charm donated to UNICEF, Pandora fans will be making a real difference by helping UNICEF to support vulnerable children and young people, including those from marginalized and indigenous communities, to reach their true potential. The donations will also help fund essentials such as school textbooks to support learning for the next generation.

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