One On One With Multi-Talented SA Personality, Kyle Clark

Kyle Clark is the perfect mix of entertainment, business and an all-round diverse media package. Kyle, known for his captivating on-screen presence, is best described as “authentic”. For an Entrepreneur, TV Host, Radio Presenter & Actor in today’s media and entertainment climate, he is a welcomed breath of humility, talent and directness.

Kyle boasts a resume that is not only inspiring, but also diverse. As the owner of 3 different companies, he faces an important task of being able to jump into different managerial roles, and manages to do so with ease.

But it’s his latest career ventures that have people talking – and for all the right reasons!


A brand new podcast; an exciting social media campaign, and a buzzing career, all whilst maintaining his “boss-babe” status!

When it comes to acting, being on-screen comes in at Kyle’s number one passion. He exudes the perfect on-screen personality and boasts all the right attributes for being a sought-after TV presenter and Actor. As a young boy, Kyle describes acting as one of his biggest dreams, one he shortly made a reality, and continues to do so today.

Kyle, is best known for his multi-talented performances in Vodacom’s No 1 Leading TV Commercial; DSTV Telenovela’s; Radio & Field Presenter for 947; The Host of the Toyota Fortuner Challenge; The Host of LG’s Mobile Launches; ETV’s Rhythm City; on the Screen Movie Zion, and more.

Aspire Lifestyle sat down with Kyle, in an exclusive one-on-one, to find out what makes this talented individuals unique in all his own ways.

– What does it take to become an Radio and TV Presenter in the South African market?
A lot of grit! Unfortunately the industry is so far behind and does not always look for new faces each year. It’s very rare. We are unfortunately so used to using the same faces that will get the job done and we are in a space where it’s not about opening up the industry any longer, which is also really sad. So it takes a lot of grit – you need to be able to work at your craft for years before you get discovered and also be willing to start at the absolute bottom before you hit the “big time”. Grit and a thick skin are the number one characteristics you need to break into this industry.


– What are you most proud of when it comes to being a well-known personality?
I always say this, I am most proud of the impact I have had. For my fans that have watched me for years, they know how much work I have put into this. How I have never ever given up and I hope that inspires someone to do the same. Be the change that I want to see in the world and I believe I am constantly achieving that.

– What is it about TV presenting that you love so much?
It’s about telling a story, it’s about knowing that everyone’s listening and also how you have the power to set the energy or the mood of how that story comes across. The adrenalin before you go live or how quick you have to recover after you make a mistake. Presenting is like going to an amusement park. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions in 35 minutes.

– Which artists/actors/personalities have influenced you the most in your career?
Bonang Matheba, Oprah, The Kardashians, Mel Robbins, Jay Shetty, Ellen DeGeneres

– If you weren’t an Actor, TV and Radio Personality, what type of career path would you have taken?
I would of taken dancing and singing professionally and become a musician. I am also really gifted with my hands and my heart, so I would of definitely either looked at physiotherapy or psychology.

– Lights, camera’s action – do you have any pre-shooting/pre-presenting rituals?
I have the 4 / 8 method of breathing techniques that I use before I walk onto stage to relax myself, I believe in manifestation also. I find myself continuously talking about how great the outcome was of the event that I am about to attend before it happens so that I can attract that kind of energy and performance. I speak the greatness into existence and it always works.

-What is one goal you hope to achieve in 2022, personally and professionally?
Personally, I hope to change someone’s life through my new podcast show called Switch On which I started this year. I also truly hope it impacts someone emotionally and promotes a lot of healing. Professionally I do hope that Clark Media continuously revolutionises and solidifies its spot as a top creative marketing agency, the team is incredible and I am so proud of the work they have achieved.


-How do you maintain healthy relationships with your friends, and family with such an in-demand and busy schedule?
I have learnt to keep these relationships small, I think the less accessible that I am to everyone the easier it is for me to cultivate beautiful relationships around me and also choose where my energy and time is valued. I don’t have a huge group of friends, so that makes life easier. However, family is always at the forefront. I see my family every week and as much as I can. I think roping my family into my business has also allowed me to spend more time with them.

-What do you want to be remembered for in the entertainment industry one day?
My work ethic and how I made people feel.

-Beyond work-life, what other hobbies do you enjoy?
I hike every Sunday, absolutely love the mountains.

– What makes ‘Kyle Clark’ able to adapt to different entertainment market needs so well?
They like to call me the triple threat, my mom taught me from a very young age that I shouldn’t say no and that I can achieve anything. If I don’t know how, I will find a way how. Even though it’s not easy to adapt, I believe it’s always about how you make people feel around you, your self-confidence plays such an important role.

– How do you stay up to date with the everchanging market?
I am very selective with who I follow on digital platforms. Its either the person is a family member, close friend and they need to add value into my life. I will always make sure to follow people that will keep me on my toes and also help me navigate what is hot right now and what isn’t.

– If you could act alongside anyone, local or international, who would it be and why?
Cameron Diaz or Jane Fonda. They both feel like mothers to me.

– Most embarrassing on-set moment?
Can we rather wait for a documentary and Ill release this information.

“I just knew I wanted to be on TV. That dream has not left me and is still materialising until this day,” says Kyle.

Kyle Clark exudes passion, purpose and professionalism. An exciting businessman and personality to watch with an exciting future ahead of him!

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