Need for Speed and Power

Faster, better, louder – that’s the going theme here. 

You’re sitting at a robot, patiently waiting for the light to green, listening to the sweet sounds of Def Leppard and reminiscing on the good old days.

All of a sudden, you feel a vibration running through your car. It’s a vibration coupled with the soft roar of an engine that makes the hair on your arms rise from excitement. You anticipate the empty lane next to you occupied with what can only be described as sheer exhilarating power. Your peripheral view finally sees some movement, and there she is a dynamo of metal, carbon and sheer horsepower ready to thrill. Who is she?! She is any one of the below powerhouses.

2020 has been a rollercoaster of note, but it has delivered some fantastic cars, and here they are.


A couple of years back I drove the updated Audi TT Coupe. It was a bright citrus yellow colour. I climbed in and got a heavenly hug from this canary powerhouse, and that’s where the love affair started. Today we get to feel the love again.


Audi released two revised models in the TT range towards the end of 2019. The Audi TT Coupe 45 TFSI S Tronic is up first, kicking out 169kW of glorious power followed by the monster Audi TTS Coupe Quattro S Tronic that delivers an impressive 228kW of power. From a design point of view, Audi delivers as always. One of my favourite features of the models has to be that there is no cap hidden under the petrol tank flap — just like track sports cars, you can slip the fuel nozzle directly into the opening. The nose of the TT boasts a very tidy yet sporty grill. The rear packs an awesome spoiler that’s been optimised for delivering aerodynamics at its best. In terms of price, the TT Coupe 45 TFSI S Tronic starts at R670 000, while the TTS Coupe Quattro S Tronic goes for R782 000.



It comes as no surprise that the Mustang is the world’s best-selling sports car. This icon has also shared the big screen with some leading men and outshined most of its co-stars as well, most famously in Gone in 60 Seconds, both in the 1974 instalment and the 2000 remake co-starring Nicholas Cage. The latter triggered an influx of replica models being produced and sold for millions of rands. The leading car used for the 2000 movie sold on auction for a whopping $1 000 000.00 — not too shabby! Getting back to today’s version of the beloved Mustang, nothing much has changed. It still gets our engines roaring.


The latest Mustang offering in South Africa is a four-cylinder and V8 model. The four-cylinder 2.3l Ecoboost engine produces 213kW and the V8 5L engine matches that and some at 331kW. Packing 19inch wheels, the 5.0l GT Fastback is the quintessence muscle car. For a starting price of R839 900.00, this piece of American muscle can be all yours.



Launched back in 2013, the F-Type from the British giant, Jaguar, has given the sports car market a run for their money. The brand new rejuvenated and reinvigorated F-Type is ready to rock your world. The drama and passion linked to the F-Type have always been undeniable, and nothing much has changed. A focus on design and overall dynamics and practicality has been at the forefront of this launch. As always, the F-Type is available in both coupe and convertible designs. This has to be one of the most dramatic sports cars out there. With a flair for marrying design with power, Jaguar is in a league of its own.


There are three engine options available: a 2.0l four-cylinder P300 that kicks out 221kw of power; a 3.0l supercharged V6 P380 that delivers 280kW; and a 5.0l supercharged V8 F-Type R P575 that not only delivers an astonishing 423kW and 700Nm but also hits the 0-100km mark in 3.7 seconds. Couple all this power with a redefined design that’s been optimised for aerodynamics, and you’re winning all the way. A focus on the driver experience has also delivered a new 12.3inch HD TFT instrument cluster, lending more of a dynamic driving experience. The chrome and leather finishes in the F-Type is super luxe and creates a sense of ‘I’ve arrived’. Prices start from R1 241 00.00.