Narciso Rodriguez Jasmine Musc eau de parfum Intense

MUST-HAVE Narciso Rodriguez Jasmine Musc eau de parfum Intense

Narciso Rodriguez introduces Jasmine Musc eau de parfum Intense, a mysterious and addictive new fragrance in the opulent Musc collection.

Transcending boundaries of both gender and geography, Jasmine Musc eau de parfum Intense is a sublime solar fragrance that both women and men will covet. In an exquisite alchemy of East and West, modern and classic, the scent combines Narciso Rodriguez’s signature Musc with one of the most iconic flowers of perfumery, the pure white petals of precious jasmine sambac.

With the distilled elegance characteristic of Narciso Rodriguez parfums, jasmine Musc eau de parfum Intense celebrates one of the most prized ingredients in all of perfumery. The pure white blooms of jasmine sambac, or Arabian jasmine, have long been revered throughout the world for their rich, intense scent – a sweet floral note but with a distinctly sensual musky quality. These exquisite flowers bring a seductive luminosity to the fragrance, weaving an intoxicating and sophisticated trail that mingles seamlessly with the iconic Narciso Rodriguez Musc. Crafted with 82% ingredients of natural origin, Jasmine Musc eau de parfum Intense fuses two distinct approaches to fragrance: the purist, modern structure of Narciso Rodriguez parfums, and the rich opulence and seduction of traditional Middle Eastern perfumery.

Narciso Rodriguez Jasmine Musc eau de parfum Intense

Reflecting the preciousness of its contents, the bottle of Jasmine Musc eau de parfum Intense shares the signature graphic silhouette and lustrous golden lacquer that elevates the entire Musc collection. Distinguished with a copper plaque, emblazoned with elegant gold lettering, the bottle is housed within a gleaming gold coffret. This metallic opulence contrasts with the pure transparency of the bottle’s cap, in keeping with the refined and modern aesthetic of Narciso Rodriguez.

Dedicated to the most discerning fragrance connoisseurs, the Narciso Rodriguez Musc collection is a rarefied collection of scents that pay tribute to the rich olfactory heritage of the Middle East. A masterful synthesis of the traditions of Middle Eastern perfumery and the singular, modern aesthetic of Narciso Rodriguez, each edition blends the designer’s signature heart of Musc with an iconic note of perfumery – amber, rose, sandalwood, oud, patchouli and now, precious jasmine. The six artisanal fragrances are created using the most noble and prized ingredients, and the utmost craftsmanship, to capture a profound sensuality and a sense of pure luxury.


Available at Edgars, Woolworths and Foschini stores.