Mugler Alien Goddess

Mugler Unveils a New Chapter With Alien Goddess Intense Eau de Parfum

A year after the release of Alien Goddess, Mugler celebrates the now iconic fragrance with its new Intense Eau de Parfum, bestowing upon the golden scent even more extraordinary powers.

More generous, warmer, with amber notes, the Alien Goddess signature is now amplified to spread even more light and benevolence to the world. Embodied by the extraordinary Willow Smith, the divine has reached a new height: the Goddess is now one with her golden flower, a symbol of kindness and benevolence. She is a new mystical Goddess, triumphant and proud.

The flower she carries is proof of her extraordinary power to fertilise the world, embellishing all in her path. Mugler fragrances break with convention, cultivate excess and inspire everyone to become exactly who they want to be.

Now, discover a new, amplified force sent to contribute to an optimised and optimistic future.

Mugler Alien Goddess


A magnetic signature, Alien Goddess Intense Eau de Parfum, carries unprecedented positive energy. The extraordinary olfactory manifesto reveals a generous nature paired with inner radiance, instantly transporting us to a world of solidarity and benevolence. This energy has never been so intense. It’s extraordinary in a bottle.

This Floral Ambery Woody creation leaves behind a trail facetted by the most glorious ingredients in the perfumers’ palette that will mesmerise your senses. A solar floral bouquet sparkling with luminosity faceted around 3 revelations.

  • Radiant revelation: The fragrance opens with the radiant revelation of a sparkling Italian Bergamot essence, recalling the first rays of sunlight. An intense burst of light crosses the fragrance, similar to the positive energy of the solar Goddess.
  • Miraculous revelation: An intense solar flower propels ALIEN GODDESS Eau deParfum straight to the heights, giving all of its strength to its benevolent message. Performing like a dazzling floral prism, it gives pride of place to a supreme flower: Jasmine Grandiflorum, a genuinely golden flower symbolising femininity and sensuality. In the heart of ALIEN GODDESS, Eau de Parfum radiates a magnificent Super infusion of Jasmine Grandiflorum crafted for MUGLER. The Superinfusion process gives the Jasmine petals a modern facet, both fruity and petal-like, and a creamy texture. More radiating and modern than ever, spreading the ideals of the solar Goddess.
  • Mindful revelation: The conclusion to ALIEN GODDESS’s message of peace and hope, the Mindful revelation unveils the addictive fullness of a Bourbon Vanilla. Crafted for MUGLER, this Premium Infusion is smooth and enveloping like a veil of comforting silk. This consciously sourced premium extract is obtained through an extraction technology allowing to seize the complete organoleptic profile at the heart of the raw material. Unveiling a delicious Vanilla note with balsamic tonalities will delight your senses with deep, mysterious, warm vibrations.

Mugler Alien Goddess

Alien Goddess, a universal call to all women. Shine in the sun’s light with Alien Goddess perfume and celebrate your femininity: your fragrance is as extraordinary as you are. Create the Extraordinary.

Mugler Alien Goddess is available from select Woolworths, Foschini, Truworths, Edgars and Dis-Chem stores.