Mercedes Benz The Move

Mercedes Benz The Move: The fragrance for men in motion

Mercedes Benz, an iconic brand admired across the globe, defies trends and defines reinvention. They’ve created Mercedes Benz The Move, a fragrance designed for the millennial man.

Forget clichés and generalizations about millennials. If there were ever an era that stood out by the sum of its individualities, it’s ours! Mercedes Benz has therefore chosen to create a multifaceted fragrance for each man to make his own.

Set to music, The Move tells the story of a young man cutting through the urban world and making it his own. Every movement, every step and every hop speaks to life and desire. The world is moving, and so is he.

Mercedes Benz The Move

What’s in a name?
The name The Move was an obvious choice for this addictive fragrance synonymous with mobility, fluidity and freedom. It demanded a name that resonates, which speaks to the desire to live and move as fast as the world we live in. A world that is at once crazy and captivating, just like the fragrance.

To hold The Move, Mercedes Benz wanted an organic, simple, and pure shape. With its rounded lines, discreet star and intense blue tone that toys with purity and transparency, The Move becomes a lucky charm to never leave home without.

Dominique Ropion created the fragrance. This talented master perfumer considers each of his creations to be an olfactory sculpture. He moulded The Move to form the signature of an entire generation, a signature scent that stands out amongst the rest.

The Move is an aromatic fougère of dynamic accents, which layers grapefruit, the spicy notes of cardamom and the fragrant tenderness of apple blossom. The combination of geranium with an innovative salty marine accord brings it its full modernity, while tonka bean and balsam fir offer a unique, gourmet, sweet note very much in the here and now, for a sensuous awakening.

Mercedes Benz The Move Eau de Toilette is available in 100ml at R1495.00 from selected Dis-Chem stores.