RITUAL Streetwear

Luxury British Streetwear Brand Launches in Cape Town

The first Ritual pop-up store is set to open it’s doors in mid November ‘23 in the V&A Waterfront.

Cape Town is about to get more stylish. Business partners Victor Barbosa and Byron Ryan are the driving forces behind the upcoming RITUAL pop-up store imminently about to open its doors. With both having a vested interest in fashion, luxury and streetwear, bringing in REPRESENT was not only a no-brainer but a strategic move to engage with South Africa’s sexiest city.

RITUAL Streetwear

REPRESENT began as a college project when founder George Heaton realised that he could sell his art, in the form of graphics on clothing. He began by locally sourcing blank clothing and screen printing his designs. The brand name came from writing down 15 random names on a sheet of paper and landing on ‘Representing’. A friend then told George to drop the ‘-ing’, and the rest was history. REPRESENT was born.

Since inception REPRESENT has evolved from strength to strength and over the course of the 12 years has become more dynamic, creative and influential. In addition to serving almost every country globally online, they continue to grow their presence in the physical retail space, with showrooms, shop-in-shops and in-store spaces across Europe and the USA in the likes of Milan, Paris and LA. This will mark the first time the brand has been activated physically in store on the African continent.

RITUAL Streetwear

RITUAL Streetwear

Founded in 2011 by brothers George and Mike Heaton, Represent is a British luxury fashion label. Their mission is simple, to build the best brand in the world.

Now with 4 core brand pillars, namely REPRESENT, INITIAL, OWNERS’ CLUB and 247 you can create the perfect capsule wardrobe for every occasion.

The REPRESENT mainline collections fuse the DNA aesthetic with constant innovation to produce garments which show seasonal development whilst being unquestionably Represent. The goal of the brand’s mainline has always been to create a wardrobe which integrates into every aspect of their customers’ lives, with a seamless flow between endless outfit combinations.

RITUAL Streetwear

The INITIAL Collection looks to bridge the gap between luxury and loungewear. Crafted from premium jersey cotton, with their signature fit and details in a vast range of colourways, the Initial range shows that true luxury is not just something to be seen; it must be experienced.

Represent OWNER’S CLUB is a range inspired by vintage car owners’ clubs, where like-minded enthusiasts can share their passions. Represent branded Owners’ Club to be ‘For enthusiasts, by enthusiasts’ to create garments which can be worn by customers to acknowledge their passion for the brand.

The 247 Collection was born from the desire to create a range of clothing which can be worn anywhere, for every purpose and every scenario. There are multiple ranges crafted from technical fabrics and signature fits, built to be prepared for anything.

RITUAL Streetwear

A note on the collaboration from George: “Having the opportunity to open up a physical presence with Ritual is an incredible moment for us as a brand. There are a couple of aspects to this collaboration which make it special. Firstly, we’re able to introduce the best we have to offer across each of our key ranges and developments. Secondly, one of our goals has always been to be able to get our garments physically showcased in every part of the world. So far, we’ve accomplished this in Europe, Asia and America; so, having this opportunity to open a physical presence on the African continent, right in the heart of one of South Africa’s capital cities is truly great.”

RITUAL will house all the collections as well as stocking REPRESENT’s progressive footwear range. Set to be open for a limited time you won’t want to miss this opportunity to get your hands on the latest and most fashionable pieces while they last.

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