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Khloé Kardashian’s Dose & Co, the Premium Collagen Blend Range, Has Launched in South Africa

After much anticipation and international success, Dose & Co’s Founder, Libby Matthews, together with business partner, Khloé Kardashian are thrilled to announce the brand’s launch into South Africa. The range of seven premium collagen and protein powders are available. 

A qualified naturopath and nutritionist, Libby Matthews launched Dose & Co as an e-commerce brand with just two products in New Zealand in May 2019. Built on a wealth of knowledge, first- hand experience and expertise, the imminent success of the brand led to global expansion into Australia and the US in 2020. The US launch coincided with the announcement of mother, entrepreneur and one of the most widely recognised women on the internet, Khloé Kardashian, as global spokesperson and active business partner of Dose & Co.

“Health and wellness is something I’m hugely passionate about, and I wanted to find a way I could help inform people about the benefits of collagen, without confusion or accessibility challenges. I was looking into brands and speaking to experts around the world when I discovered Dose & Co. Once I tried the brand, I quickly saw how easily it fit into my overall routine and lifestyle. I was so impressed by the ingredients, the results, and the vision, I knew I wanted to get more involved,” says Partner and Global Spokesperson, Khloé Kardashian.

Looking well and staying healthy will become increasingly important post-pandemic as consumers prioritise their health and wellbeing. Together, Khloé and Libby will continue their journey building a range of eco-conscious collagen products that promote holistic health and wellness from the inside out.

Dose & Co

Premium quality ingredients

 Each product is designed to fit seamlessly into any daily routine; whether it’s a scoop of protein in a post-workout smoothie or a delicious addition to a morning cup of coffee. Dose & Co’s Collagen Creamers and Protein Powders contain 10,000mg (10 grams) of bovine collagen per serving and the Protein Powders contain 20 grams of premium whey protein.

“On the search for the right supplements, I noticed many were loaded with fillers, fake sweeteners and all sorts of nasties that outweighed the benefits of the supplements themselves. As a new mother, I also wanted products that were safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I set myself the task of creating a product line formulated to focus on improving health from the inside out, using the highest quality ingredients, without GMOs, fillers or plastic packaging,” says founder Libby Matthews.

Working with food technologists throughout the development process, Dose & Co’s flavour range incorporates the perfect blend of science and taste to ensure wellness benefits while delivering a delicious product with choices ranging from creamy vanilla to chocolate fudge and caramel.

Plastic-free packaging and sustainability efforts

Additionally, Dose & Co’s packaging is proudly 100% plastic-free, with tubs made from cardboard and box tape from paper.

“It didn’t feel right to put these premium formulations in a plastic tub. Eliminating plastics and continuously looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint is extremely important to us.” says Libby.

Khloé will continue to work alongside Libby and the Dose & Co team on product development,

marketing initiatives, sustainability efforts and business strategy. “Following the international success of Dose & Co, I can’t wait to bring our products to South Africa. More than ever, consumers understand the importance of good nutrition, which is driving the demand for supplements that play a more active role in a holistic approach to beauty. Dose & Co will stand out to a growing number of consumers who are seeking collagen to complement their wellness needs.” concludes Khloé.

Dose & Co

Product range and availability

Dose & Co products will be available at select online retailers and brick and mortar stores, namely Takealot, Superbalist, Clicks Online, Foschini Beauty, Vita Girl, ARC and Skin Miles.

The range includes:

Dose & Co Collagen Protein Powder
Vanilla 420g (R559.00)
Chocolate 420g (R559.00)

Dose & Co Dairy Collagen Creamer
Vanilla 340g (399.00)
Caramel 340g (399.00)

Dose & Co Dairy Free Collagen Creamer
Vanilla 340g (R479.00)
Caramel 340g (R479.00)

Dose & Co Pure Collagen Peptides (Unflavoured) 200g (R399.00)

The Dose & Co website serves as both an e-commerce platform and a hub for beauty and wellness inspiration, including exclusive recipes from Khloé, along with collagen education and customer results.