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Louis Vuitton Cologne Perfumes collection has the particularity of distilling an ideal day.

Fragrance after fragrance, hour by hour, the collection illuminates moments with an undulating melody in ode to the vast, inspiring landscape of the West Coast. Cologne Perfumes offer olfactory descriptions of Los Angeles, the phantasmagorical home for their creative narrative. Each Cologne is like a ray of light, by turns soft or intense, spanning daybreak to after dark in the boundless City of Angels.

They are the chapters in a work etched out by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, an alchemist of scent who, for this collection, has created a singular alliance between the lightness of a fruity mist and the depth of flowers. Like a summer novel in which each fragrance evokes a perfect point in time, from the caress of joyful morning to the rapture of a sunset.


Thus arrives the fabulous night of City of Stars, the latest perfume by Louis Vuitton…. City of Stars, the new opus in Louis Vuitton Cologne Perfumes collection, is an Evening Cologne, a nocturnal fantasy in the heart of a city that never sleeps. In a rhapsodic Los Angeles, City of Stars recounts a night of promises, ardent emotion, soft sensuality — and darkness opalizing in morning’s first light.

Here is the atmosphere of the West Coast — its freedom, passion, and unfettered creativity. A prolongation of an olfactory ambiance that has all the spontaneity of Colognes and the sophistication of perfume. As evening falls, the city’s lights announce incandescent emotion. The warmth of the sun lingering on the skin kindles the senses in the heat of the night. Fulgurant desire meets the refinement of twilight. The night belongs to City of Stars…

City of Stars

A citrus quintet + Tiare flower + sandalwood City of Stars is an Evening Cologne, an innovation by Jacques Cavallier Belletrud that reconciles the freshness of a Cologne and the aristocracy of perfume.

The brilliance of citrus brings the day’s sunlight to the skin and draws it toward a dazzling night where anything might happen. City of Stars is an ode to nighttime, a feeling of freedom, a sensual tableau.

“It’s a more extroverted eau than its predecessors,” the Master Perfumer explains. “It’s radically focused on the special, shimmering atmosphere of a night in Los Angeles when the singular setting sun gives way to the city’s lights and spotlights that traverse the sky.

It’s a luminous night. The light comes from the explosion of a citrus quintet: blood orange, lemon, red mandarin, bergamot, and lime. It blends those different flashes, showcasing their spontaneity in a swirling melody that envelops and caresses the senses. I wanted to work specifically with the flesh of blood orange, the heart of this generous perfume, which has a very particular fruitiness, a truly delicious and optimistic fleshy note.


All these citruses come from Sicily and Calabria — they have the ravishing glimmer of those sun-drenched regions. The brilliance of citrus illuminates the night and creates a paradox between shadow and light, like a tension that’s soothed by a veil of Tiare flower, the gentle scent of monoi. Essence of sandalwood and the caress of powdery musk give this perfume sophistication. That magnetic combination is what lets this Evening Cologne bring on the night and exude sensuality — as if to say, ‘this is forever‘.”

This fragrance is part of a beautiful, sincere, cultivated, and original dialogue that Louis Vuitton struck up with the artist Alex Israel for what has grown into a saga of Cologne Perfumes. A major figure on the contemporary art scene joins forces with a Master Perfumer’s savant poetry.

From a deeply eloquent back-and-forth was born an exchange in which the pictorial gesture embraces the evanescence of scent. From the start of this beautiful adventure, Alex Israel has shared his idealized vision of Los Angeles, a city saturated with the incomparable colors he uses in his work, and which invite the eye to travel. In response, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud offers his own chromatic palette, in which flowers and scents are like so many deliriously nuanced tints. Together, they invent a new tableau. For City of Stars, Alex Israel took the idea one step further, creating an original work for the perfume: an exclusive painting becomes a rare piece that dresses the packaging for the bottle, as well as the travel case and fragrance trunk. It is a fresco of his beloved, glorified and indomitable city as it rouses at nightfall, its lights illuminating the whole world. The city’s lights converge in that of a unique fragrance. City of Stars is a world unto itself: a conversation between two artists of unique sensitivity.

Available at Sandton City Shopping Mall & V&A Waterfront.