Musgrave Inspirit

Introducing INSPIRIT, Musgrave’s first alc-free spirit

Musgrave Crafted Spirits, known for disrupting the luxury spirits industry, has launched INSPIRIT – an aromatic, alcohol-free infusion made with 12 rare botanicals inspired by the ancient spice route of Africa.

After many hours of tinkering and experimenting INSPIRIT is distinctive in flavour, pink in colour, and delivers a light and elegant alternative to Musgrave’s other botanical offerings. Infused with cardamom and juniper notes that complement those of African ginger, lime, and grains of paradise, gives it a harmonious and fragrant finish.

Musgrave Inspirit

“INSPIRIT is all about finding the balance. The pandemic has certainly highlighted the relationship many people have with alcohol and as a result has ignited a move to reduce one’s daily intake. Whether you’re looking to cut down on calories or stick to a fitness routine, consuming less alcohol during these times can really help to maintain a balanced lifestyle. It then makes those days when you do enjoy a Musgrave Original Gin or Pink Gin cocktail, that more special.” Says Simone Musgrave, owner, and founder of Musgrave Crafted Spirits.

Musgrave Pink was South Africa’s original pink gin, which has been the inspiration for INSPIRIT and was developed with the same pioneering spirit of adventure. Born out of the African explorations of the Musgrave Family at the turn of the 19th Century. The family’s tale is one of adventure and discovery, embodied in the tenacious spirit of patriarch Maurice Boon Musgrave.