Indulge at Babylonstoren Wine Farm’s New Garden Shop, Gelato Room and Coffee Roastery

Three new additions to taste and see in the Franschhoek wine valley.

A new experience awaits visitors at Babylonstoren Farm in the Cape Winelands, where an enchanted Garden Shop, Gelato Room and craft Coffee Roastery have opened.

Babylonstoren is dedicated to innovation, nourishment and local produce, and these new additions complement their existing portfolio in the authentic farm style.


The new Garden Shop, also known as the Tuinwinkel, is a glass cube that seamlessly connects to the existing Scented Room, creating a fusion between home and garden. Trellised wooden walls washed in reseda green, a floral mural and a sun-soaked greenhouse create a serene space that celebrates all things green and growing. Bespoke gardening tools, fascinating plants and rare bonsai trees are available for purchase. Visitors can also unwind in the cosy reading nook or browse the captivating selection of books and puzzles.


“Babylonstoren’s garden is a haven of shared delight for gardeners and plant enthusiasts, and the new Garden Shop is an extension of this ideal,” says Babylonstoren gardener Liesl van der Walt. “We wanted to create a space where visitors can find inspiration or simply catch their breath after a leisurely stroll through the garden.”

Other new additions on the farm include a retro gelateria and craft coffee roastery. The roastery sits next to the Farm Shop where a barrel drum roaster gently toasts the new Babylonstoren house blend. Visitors can experience the roasting process up close or simply marvel at the wall of 96 antique coffee grinders while enjoying the invigorating aromas.


“We tasted nearly 50 cups of coffee to find the perfect Babylonstoren coffee blend. It has notes of dark chocolate and caramel with only a slight fruitiness to balance the richness,” says Babylonstoren coffee connoisseur Ernst Kleynhans. “Each of the four different beans that make up our Babylonstoren blend is roasted individually on the barrel drum roaster to highlight a different flavour profile in each single-origin bean. This way, we ensure the best quality from each bean and ultimately, a most enjoyable Babylonstoren brew.”

The new gelateria resides in the charmingly repurposed chicken coop near the garden gate. Here, retro neon lights create a typical Babylonstoren juxtaposition of new and old. The Gelato Room (or Roomyskas in Afrikaans) offers delectable scoops of Babylonstoren’s water buffalo gelato served on wafer-thin sugar cones. Available in a variety of seasonally inspired flavours, the gelato is crafted with milk from the farm’s own herd of water buffalo.

Babylonstoren Gelato Room

Babylonstoren Gelato

“Our gelato range is a direct reflection of the garden’s bounty. We focus on using authentic ingredients and keeping our recipes fresh and simple,” explains gelato maker Carla Hills. “Each batch is meticulously handcrafted in small quantities. Thanks to the ultra-rich water buffalo milk with its naturally high butterfat content, we achieve that creamy mouthfeel without relying on excessive cream. A visit to Babylonstoren would be incomplete without indulging in this delight.”


Alongside the latest additions, the Lekker Room has found a more enticing and spacious new home. A tantalising space of flavours where almonds, macadamias and pecan nuts are roasted and offered in a variety of ways. This space also offers preserved fruits from the farm harvests, daily baked pastries, scrumptious rusks and other sweet and savoury nibbles.