Hot Chocolate and Wine at Durbanville Hills

Hot Chocolate and Wine at Durbanville Hills

Durbanville Hills welcomes back a light-hearted treat for winter: their popular hot chocolate and wine tasting!

From June until the end of August, the winery will offer a limited-edition hot chocolate tasting of four red wines each paired with four different hand-crafted chocolate bombs, to add to steaming milk.

The tasting forms part of the winery’s creative exploration of flavours by pairing its cool climate wines with interesting foods to enrich the appreciation of its award-winning wines.

The silky-smooth indulgence and the depth the wine brings to the hot chocolate, make this an unmissable experience.

Hot Chocolate and Wine at Durbanville Hills

The pairings:

Durbanville Hills Cabernet Sauvignon with Coffee and Hazelnut
Durbanville Hills Merlot with Dark Chocolate Mint and Raspberry
Durbanville Hills Pinotage with Dark Chocolate Cherry and Turkish Delight
Durbanville Hills Shiraz with Cinnamon and Nutmeg

Each tasting includes four wines, four chocolate bombs, and hot milk to prepare your own unique tasting. The bomb, when added to the warm milk, will release the chocolate and individual flavours once melted. How much wine to add would be a personal preference but a few dashes at the start will reveal the perfect balance of wine and hot chocolate!

Cost: R160
Offering: June – end August 2023

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