forte_forte X Acqua di Parma

forte_forte X Acqua di Parma | The magic of a Mediterranean awakening

forte_forte and Acqua di Parma are teaming up for the first time in an all-Italian love story.

The “forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma” is born from the collaboration between a fashion house with a dreamy allure, focused on creating timeless designs filled with emotions, and a Maison symbolic of the most refined Italian style. The two houses share a passion for craftsmanship and for Made in Italy culture, for the atmospheres of Italian landscapes and for a pure and spontaneous beauty inspiring a revitalizing rebirth. They come together to celebrate Mirto di Panarea, one of Acqua di Parma’s most loved fragrances.

More than just a capsule collection, “forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma” evokes the magic of Spring, inspired by the aromas and colours of the fascinating Aeolian island. This kaleidoscope of emotions radiates a new freedom, fluttering on a butterfly and a dragonfly wings. An iridescent atmosphere, vibrating with light and energy.

At the heart of forte_forte’s collections, there is a genuine authenticity embodied by precious artisanal details revealing the natural beauty of materials, the colour and the purity of forms, designed to softly embrace the body. A special choice in which the Made in Italy is represented by the quality of the garments and a constant research driven by the desire to create pieces dissolving the distance between the clothes and the person. A feeling close to Acqua di Parma’s core values.

“There are so many invisible threads that, as in a precious fabric, unite us to  forte_ forte. An intimate, pure and timeless style combined with a genuine passion for Italian craftsmanship and the search for beauty as a source of emotions. an immediate and organic chemistry between us. “forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma” was born from a shared aim, transmitting the joy of a return to life and freedom, in contact with the vibrant nature of the Italian Mediterranean. These emotions are embodied by Mirto di Panarea, the Blu Mediterraneo fragrance that forte_forte interpreted with its poetic and delicate aesthetics,” Acqua di Parma states.

The inspiration for “forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma” comes from the vivid and bright atmosphere of Panarea. It is the expression of a new spring that blooms in the streets of this ancient island of the Aeolian archipelago, where the sun reflects its iridescent light on the white stones of the houses and on the blue and magical surface of the sea.

A mythical landscape that lives in the delicate and dreamy design created by forte_forte for the Maison. Butterflies and dragonflies spread their coloured wings, in a fluttering flight that celebrates freedom and rebirth, reflected in a kaleidoscope of blooming flowers. The radiant yellow Parma tones alternate with the violet of myrtle berries, the symbol of an island suspended in time, on an aquamarine background with pearlescent reflections. Everything vibrates with life, whilst in the air you can breathe the scents of aromatic herbs that spontaneously grow in the Mediterranean scrub.

forte_forte X Acqua di Parma

Heart of the collection, the Mirto di Panarea fragrance in the new 100ml format. The precious aesthetics of forte_forte dialogues with the regenerating notes of the fragrance. The aromatic warmth of myrtle is combined with basil, sparkling citrus accents of lemon and bergamotto di Calabria. In the heart of the fragrance accents of sea breeze meet jasmine and rose. The base notes intensely shine with mastic and juniper combined with cedar and amber.

Joyful and contemporary, the motif wraps around the cylinder box and the green coloured glass bottle that calls to mind the fragile beauty of ceramics. Made with a bright and special iridescent paper, the packaging, like a forte_forte dress, surprises and makes you dream, creating an intimate and exciting relation with those who choose this fragrance. The outer cylinder is enriched with a small crochet decoration, its shape recalls a warm and bright sun. The scoubidou charm around the bottle cap in cobalt blue and fluorescent yellow tones and with a precious gold medallion, can be transformed into a bracelet or an anklet, a hair tie or a colourful and joyful keychain.

Beside the fragrance, “forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma” includes the Discovery Set with the three fragrances Mirto di Panarea, Arancia di Capri and Fico di Amalfi in 12ml vials. The box, entirely covered with forte_forte designs, invites you to discover the authentic essences of the Italian Mediterranean. The Mirto di Panarea scented candle, a unique interior design element, with the glass decorated with the kaleidoscopic motif of flowers and butterflies embossed also on the packaging, will fill the house with the sparkling awakening notes of the Mediterranean nature.

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