Find Respite in Nature with South Africa’s Resplendent Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens are more than just a welcome oasis after the bewildering chaos of the city; these preserved green spaces are a testament to what breathtaking sensory symphonies can be achieved when humankind works in concert with nature. Luckily for us, South Africa has a rich abundance of botanical gardens, so wherever you go, be sure to pay a visit to these fine spaces.

Kirstenbosch Gardens, Cape Town
Acclaimed as one of the world’s great botanical gardens, Kirstenbosch unfurls itself like a vast emerald skirt at the eastern foothills of Table Mountain. Here, a network of walkways wind through kaleidoscopic Fynbos gardens that are home to many endemic bird species.

Hantam National Botanical Gardens, Nieuwoudtville
Nine trails lead visitors through 6,000 hectares of wilderness, covering a spectrum of habitats and soil types, the variety of which is just one reason Hantam is so unique. This is particularly true in the spring when the grounds erupt into multichromatic glory.

Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens, Roodepoort
Considered Gauteng’s best escape for nature lovers, Walter Sisulu is home to a rich mosaic of vegetation types, wildlife, and bird species, including a breeding pair of endangered Verreaux’s Eagles.

Harold Porter Botanical Gardens
Harold Porter Botanical Gardens

Harold Porter Botanical Gardens, Betty’s Bay
Harold Porter embraces many habitats, from mountain slopes and deep gorges to relict forests and rich coastal fynbos in the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve. Of special interest to visitors are the garden’s waterfalls and amber pools.

Pretoria National Botanical Gardens
A literal 76-hectare urban oasis in the city’s eastern suburbs, Pretoria’s botanical gardens are a beautifully-preserved green space of natural grassland, an important wildlife corridor, and home to over 220 bird species.