Simz Ngema

Festive gifting with Simz Ngema

With Christmas day around the corner, decorations are up, festive lights are being lit, shopping centres are buzzing and the weather is improving dramatically! Excitement is in the air all around us, but especially at Gold Series ambassador and South African personality Simz Ngema’s house.

Simz says that December is one of her favourite times, but specifically since having a child of her own. “The festive season is a special time for me as I take time out to spend with my family. We all sleep at my parent’s house and wake up very early to have a big Christmas breakfast and open our gifts.” She says that as her son grows older, she is able to relive the magic of Christmas through his eyes, which makes it even more special.

Simz shares some of her gifting plans for the festive season: 

Little Tiyani is nearly two and Simz says that he’s crazy about sports and music. “This year I’ll be getting him a soccer kit as well as a mic and mic stand – he’s crazy about singing, which he definitely gets from me!”

When it comes to the ladies in her family, Simz says that it’s jewellery, self-care items and fragrances she’s after. ‘My favourite accessory is a simple pair of studs in glittering gold, because they’re so classic.  When it comes to self-care, Simz says that there’s nothing better than being given an indulgent face mask, lotion or bath products.

It’s no surprise that when it comes to scent, Simz chooses Gold Series Gold Perfume. “It’s important for me that a fragrance makes me feel good when I wear it and gives me a spring in my step, which Gold perfume spray from Gold Series does.” When it comes to gifting, Gold Series offers a range of affordable scents to choose from, and it’s not just for the ladies. Simz loves the Privé men’s fragrance which compliments the Gold perfume well.

For the men in the family, Simz says that she’s all about beautiful stationery items for the start of a new year. Leather bound diaries, stylish pens and branded stationery is top of the list.

Simz says that one of her favourite Christmas day traditions is the preparation of her sister’s festive ‘Christmas Wors’. “My sister makes a special Boerewors that is stuffed with onion, green pepper, red pepper and other secret ingredients. It’s absolutely delicious and I look forward to it each year!” says Simz.

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