Fairview Plant-Based

Fairview Introduces a Plant-Based Dairy Range That Is Rooted in Nature

Famous for its artisan cheeses, its wine, and well, its adorable goats and their residential Goat Tower, Fairview has now launched a plant-based range of cheeses and ice cream too.

Fairview has built its reputation as a business that is rooted in family and heritage, and the new plant-based range tells a story of how the business is growing and building on its current offering to meet changing customer requirements.

Fairview Plant-Based

Charles Back, a third-generation family owner of Fairview, explains, “As a brand, we have always been sensitive to our customer requirements, and it is with great excitement that we can say our family is growing with a delicious range of plant-based cheeses and ice creams. Our customers are changing their eating habits and we have seen an increased demand for plant-based products. Introducing the plant-based range just seemed like the logical next step for us because keeping our customers happy is at the core of what we do.”

Discovering the range

The Fairview offering is therefore becoming more inclusive, adding to its popular and well-known variety of cheeses. Rooted in goodness, these new cheese products offer delicious, plant-based alternatives to everyone’s favourites: meltingly-moreish mozzarella, tangy cheddar, velvety cream cheese, bold parmesan, and distinctive feta.

Fairview Plant-Based

For those with a sweeter tooth, there is also plant-based ice cream in eight mouth-watering flavours ranging from peanut butter chocolate chip, coffee chocolate swirl, nut brittle, strawberry cheesecake, and cookie dough.

Charles says, “This new range allows us to offer our customers more options and opens the door for people with dietary restrictions or allergies. It’s also about understanding that our customers are sensitive to animals and the environment and want to be more flexible with their dietary choices. Mindful eating is what it’s about – from garden to plate.”

Fairview Plant-Based

Where to find it

The plant-based dairy range from Fairview will be available from August 2023 at the Fairview farm shop and at selected retailers around the country.

Purely delicious and rooted in Fairview’s heritage of excellence, the new plant-based range harnesses the power of plants in a selection of products that will be loved by any foodie.


Fairview Plant-Based