Pint for a Purpose

Drink for a Difference: How Your Pint Can Help Protect Great White Sharks

Spearheaded by Jack Black co-founders Meg and Ross McCulloch and powered by their community, Pint for a Purpose is not just a campaign; it’s a movement fueled by their passion for making a positive impact in South Africa. By ordering a pint through the dedicated tap, you’re not only toasting to good times—you’re directly contributing to initiatives aimed at preserving our environment and empowering our communities.

Jack Black has always been about more than just brewing great beer. They’ve built a legacy of partnering with incredible organisations through Pint for a Purpose, including Protect the West Coast, Greenpop, Volunteer Wildfire Services, Friends of Table Mountain, and Sentinel Ocean Alliance. Each pint supports these heroes working tirelessly for our planet and communities.

For the next three months, Jack Black is putting a spotlight on the incredible work of The Last Shark, an organisation and documentary film centred around bringing our relationship with great white sharks into balance. They aim to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of shark nets, advocate for their removal, and promote ecotourism and research efforts so we can preserve and protect these magnificent creatures and our biodiverse coastlines.

Head over to Jack Black’s Taproom and order your beer from the Pint for a Purpose tap. Proceeds from these pints will be donated to The Last Shark to support their vital work in promoting ecotourism, research, conservation of marine life, and education.

Here’s to making a difference, one pint at a time!

To keep up with Jack Black’s initiatives, follow them on Instagram or Facebook. To learn more about The Last Shark, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.