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From the very beginning, CHANEL’s vision was founded on the conviction that nature’s intelligence is unsurpassable. This conviction has guided the creation of a new generation of skincare centred on a return to essentials.

N° 1 de CHANEL offers an innovative, global and sustainable approach to beauty, combining skincare, makeup and a fragrance mist. This new line, with sensorial textures, preserves the radiance of youthful looking skin by supporting sources of vitality.


Taking inspiration from nature is not something that can be improvised.

With the creation of N°5, the House of CHANEL has, for 100 years, built up a unique expertise in cultivating flowers, the key raw materials in its perfumes.

Preserving expertise, maintaining the quality of raw materials and having control over supply lines enables the House of CHANEL to give free rein to the heart of its legacy: Creativity.

For over 20 years, CHANEL has been applying the same production rules to its skincare products, by cultivating and observing the riches of nature, and by carrying out scientific research in its four open sky laboratories, established in different climate zones worldwide to create the noblest effective ingredients.

The veritable birthplace of CHANEL skincare, these open sky laboratories are the result of an exemplary approach, on an environmental and territorial scale, which values the land through a virtuous agroecological approach, using innovative farming practices.


This was the unique expertise that led CHANEL Research to reveal the remarkable properties of a red camellia flower extract.

From ‘The Czar’ variety of Camellia japonica, thus named in the early 20th century in tribute to its imperial beauty.

This highly delicate odourless flower is a force of nature, as neither water nor cold have the slightest effect on its petals.

With its winter blooms and evergreen leaves, this plant is remarkable in more than one way, and is a genuine botanical treasure.

For the Camellia japonica ‘The Czar’ is a flower unlike any other.

At the heart of its petals, it contains a concentration of protocatechuic acid, a powerful molecule previously unseen in the camellias analysed by CHANEL scientists.

This flower is capable of helping to protect skin vitality by addressing the first stage of skin ageing.


At the end of almost ten years of experiments carried out in collaboration with researchers from the Department of Biotechnology and Ageing at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna.

CHANEL Research revealed a key mechanism involved in cellular vitality, called senescence.

This is a particularly promising scientific field that provides previously unseen perspectives in addressing the signs of skin ageing.

Beautiful skin is skin whose cellular functions are working at full capacity. Now its quality is affected by the passage of time, and by the numerous aggressors caused by an urban environment.

Owing to stress, ultraviolet rays and pollution, cutaneous cells gradually lose their vitality, and the signs of age appear.

CHANEL Research has observed that the damage caused by internal and external aggressors accumulated in the heart of cells, accelerates these cells’ entry into senescence.

No 1 de CHANEL Red Camellia Revitalizing Serum

They then cease dividing, without however being eliminated, and can represent up to 50% of the total skin cells.

They disrupt the smooth functioning of other active cells, which is translated by the look of premature ageing and the appearance of signs of age.

Within the Research program on skin senescence established by CHANEL in 2012, House experts accessed models that reproduced the different stages of senescence

for the first time and tested the effectiveness of the most promising ingredients.

The results obtained with the red camellia extract were exceptional at the first stage.

It supports skin vitality, thereby enabling skin to remain healthy looking for a longer period of time.

Naturally rich in antioxidants, it also helps protect skin from the consequences of stress and helps improve quality for a skin that looks radiantly youthful.

That is what led to the creation of N° 1 de CHANEL, a new generation of anti-ageing skincare that preserves the look of skin’s vitality. 


Nature influences us and in return, we also have an influence on it, for which we are responsible.

For several years, the House of CHANEL has been incorporating environmental evaluation criteria into its product design in order to limit its impact at every step in the life cycle.

One of CHANEL’s priorities is to develop formulas with a high percentage of raw materials that respect the environment and are sustainably sourced.

With an approach of continued improvement, CHANEL systematically evaluates the environmental footprint of its ingredients by analysing their origins and their production process.

The N° 1 de CHANEL formulas honour ingredients of natural origin that are renewable and have reduced environmental impact. They contain up to 97% ingredients of natural origin1 , without compromising on effectiveness, safety or the sensoriality. These formulas also include up to 76% of camellia derivatives, with petals, seeds and yeasts used in order not to waste any of the plant. Indeed, red camellia extract provides revitalizing properties, camellia water is refreshing, red camellia oil, obtained by pressing the seeds, preserves moisture in the skin, and an extract of Pichia type yeast, from the camellia microbiota, helps strengthen its barrier function. Lastly, the seed shells are used for their strength in the Revitalizing Cream packaging.

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