Daphney Phogole

Introducing Daphney Phogole: The Visionary Behind Babygirl 24/7, Cape Town’s Ultimate Luxury Beauty Destination

Daphney Phogole, a trailblazer in the world of beauty and luxury, is set to revolutionize the industry with her latest venture: Babygirl 24/7. With an insatiable passion for all things exquisite, Daphney’s vision has given birth to a haven where beauty, elegance, and luxury converge in perfect harmony.

Launching in September 2023, Babygirl 24/7 promises to redefine luxury in the beauty industry, setting new standards of sophistication, exclusivity, and impeccable service. Located in the heart of Cape Town, this exclusive destination is poised to become one of the most sought-after beauty havens in the city.

Daphney Phogole

At Babygirl 24/7, clients will be treated to a range of high-quality beauty treatments encompassing nails, lashes, waxing, make-up, skin treatments, and hair styling. Each experience is carefully crafted to transport clients into a world of indulgence and refinement, where every visit becomes an unforgettable escape.

More than just a beauty destination, Babygirl 24/7 is an embodiment of Daphney’s unwavering dedication to excellence. The team of experts at Babygirl 24/7 shares Daphney’s passion for beauty and is committed to providing top-tier treatments and exceptional service. Clients can expect to be pampered, cared for, and indulged, as they embrace the artistry of beauty in a serene and inviting environment.

Daphney Phogole

Daphney’s commitment to innovation goes beyond traditional beauty services. Alongside the existing offerings, she plans to introduce her personal beauty and bikini line to her discerning clientele. By constantly pushing boundaries and embracing new opportunities, Daphney strives to provide her clients with fresh experiences and the absolute best in beauty.

With its unparalleled dedication to quality, Babygirl 24/7 will become a beacon of luxury and exclusivity in Cape Town. As Daphney’s extraordinary vision comes to life, clients can anticipate genuine luxury, attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence throughout every aspect of their experience.

Join us in September 2023 as Babygirl 24/7 opens its doors and invites you to immerse yourself in a world of creative simplicity and unparalleled luxury. Discover the beauty destination that will surpass all expectations and redefine your perception of true indulgence.