Continental Tyres PremiumContact 7

Continental Tyres | PremiumContact 7 ensures even greater safety on dry and wet South African roads thanks to innovative technologies

Following several years of development, Continental has delivered the seventh generation of the successful premium tyre, the PremiumContact 7. The developers focused specifically on the most important customer requirement of maximum safety, in order to deliver peace of mind and comfort for the entire family.

German engineering has enabled significant safety advances in the PremiumContact 7: A size-specific design, the innovative RedChili compound for the tread and an adaptive tread design. Allowing the PremiumContact 7 to tackle SA’s roads in a way no other tyre has before.

Continental Tyres PremiumContact 7

With the rise of electric vehicles with particularly long ranges and high performance, the safety factor continues to gain importance in this segment. In addition to improvements in rolling resistance and mileage, the PremiumContact 7 provides high grip and low braking distances for vehicles of all drive types, thanks to its customized designs.

Another new feature of the PremiumContact 7 is the innovative RedChili compound. Continental has succeeded in enabling optimum performance across the broadest possible temperature range, with RedChili compound – this allows the tyre to generate high grip even at low temperatures in daily traffic, without any warm-up!

The adaptive tread design of the PremiumContact 7 ensures ultra-high stability performance and ride comfort on both wet and dry roads. This innovation helps to resolve the trade-off between optimal water dispersion and perfect dry handling.

Continental Tyres PremiumContact 7

To crown the accolades, the new PremiumContact 7 has already scooped two European independent awards, winning the “2023 Summer Tyre” from Tyre Reviews and “Best Touring Tyre 2023” from Auto Express:

Once again, Continental have dropped a new tyre to market, and seriously moved the game on, most noticeably in the wet. Last year it was the SportContact 7, this year it’s the PremiumContact 7.” – Tyre Reviews 

“Continental has moved the game on and its rivals need to step up.” – Auto Express 

With the new Premium Contact 7TM tyre, driving South Africa’s roads has never felt better. So why not test it out and see for yourself?

If you’d like to purchase or find out more about the impressive safety and comfort features of the Premium Contact 7TM, click here for more info or to find a dealer near you.

Continental Tyres PremiumContact 7