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Celebrating Women! Sue Lederle from Lederle Design & Lederle Collection

Entrepreneur and lover of life Sue Lederle tells us a bit more about herself, her passions and aspirations.

Lederle DesignTell us a bit about yourself and your business?
If I were to sum up my work I could really say that I do what I love. My passions are beautiful spaces, interior design and breath-taking places. I have been an interior designer running my own design company, Lederle Design, for 30 years and have decorated some of the most spectacular primary and secondary homes, lodges and relaxing spaces both locally and abroad. I have also had a lot of fun along the way! My other business, the Lederle Collection, features some of my own properties from the coastal town of Hermanus, to the Kruger to our beautiful villa in Italy, Casa Di Led. We create our own properties and turn them into destinations that others can explore and enjoy.

What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of what I have created in my own property collection. These homes are not just a beautiful place for someone to holiday but a legacy for people to enjoy for years to come. I feel like our job as interior designers is to create beauty in the world and leave things better than how we found them, and that’s something to be proud of.

What does power mean to you? Do you consider yourself an ‘influencer’?
To me, power means knowing your stuff and being the best at what you do. It allows you to live in your power too and be unapologetically you. I have never seen myself as an influencer, but I know my work speaks for itself and if it inspires then I have done my job.

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Based on your own experience, what advice would you give someone that’s looking at starting their own business/new business owners?
Don’t give up! Starting your own business isn’t easy and there will be months where things don’t go your way and other times when you are so busy there aren’t enough hours! You have to weather the storms to reap the rewards and stick to what you believe in.

Who are your role models?
One of my biggest role models is Richard Branson. I respect him as an entrepreneur and how he has embraced his moments of success and struggle, his empathy towards those who work with him whilst remaining someone anyone can relate to.

When I grow up I want to be…
Myself 🙂 I couldn’t have scripted a better life, family and career for myself and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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What are your aspirations for the future?
I am building a fantastic new lodge in Mjejane Game Reserve on the Crocodile River in the Kruger National Park, called Ukuthula House so in the immediate future I am excited to see all that work come to fruition. In the long term, I am excited to grow the Lederle Collection and bring on more properties in new and exciting locations. On the design side, I have some upcoming projects abroad that I cannot wait to get going.

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How can people get hold of you?
Instagram: @lederlecollection and @lederledesign
Facebook: lederlecollection and lederledesign