Cape Holly and Wild Plum Candy Cane

Introducing the NEW Cape Holly and Wild Plum Candy Cane: A Festive Delight

The holiday season is about to get even more spirited, thanks to Kindred Spirits, the brilliant minds behind the beloved Sugarbird® Gin. Get ready to sip, savour, and celebrate with the all-new Sugarplum Cape Holly and Wild Plum Candy Cane Spirit Cooler! 

This sweet and tangy treat is set to bring a burst of festive joy to your holiday gatherings.

Embodying the essence of a South African Christmas, the Sugarplum Cape Holly and Wild Plum Candy Cane offers a delightful fusion of flavours. With sweet hints of mint, red berries, and a touch of tartness, this after-dinner shot is designed to be enjoyed chilled, in the heartwarming company of friends and family.

Sugarplum Cape Holly & Wild Plum, an adult twist on the traditional candy cane, draws inspiration for its flavour profile from the Sugarbird® gin varietal of the same name, Sugarbird® Cape Holly and Wild Plum. This unique gin varietal, introduced as a limited edition for inclusion in the popular Sugarbird® Gin Crackers® Festive ’21 collection, showcases two trees native to South Africa, Ilex mitis (Cape Holly) and Harpephyllum caffrum (Wild Plum).

Cape Holly and Wild Plum Candy Cane

The company’s co-founder and scientist Matt Bresler, has an unrivalled obsession with fynbos and local flora, matched only by his passion for South African trees. “Sweet and tart flavours provided by the succulent red berries of these indigenous trees, result in a tangy, plum-infused spirit cooler with a surprising tartness” says Matt.

Kindred Spirits has continued to evolve and diversify its offerings through both bottled spirits and bespoke gifting. Alongside the spirit of innovation, the desire to collaborate has remained core to the company’s strategy today. This is most evident in ‘Sugarbird® and Friends,’ launched as a collaborative brand that provides both local and foreign consumers with single mini bottles of locally produced craft spirits. Especially popular during the lead-up to Christmas as Advent calendars, they offer the opportunity to taste a variety of craft spirits from different leading brands, all in one pack.

So, get ready to savour the build-up to Christmas with the Sugarplum Cape Holly and Wild Plum Candy Cane. Whether you’re gifting it to a loved one or serving it at your holiday gatherings, this delightful creation promises to elevate the holiday spirit.

Cape Holly and Wild Plum Candy Cane

THE PERFECT SERVE: Serve neat as a chilled shooter or opt for using it as a base for creative cocktails. Go elegant in a long Spritzer – charged with soda or sparkling water and garnish with fresh mint and freshly sliced plum wedges. Add a candy cane stick for extra sweet swizzling. Cheers to a Sugar Plum Fizz!

COCKTAILS: Try “Candy Cane Crush.” Fill a shaker with ice and combine 2 parts Candy Cane spirit cooler with 1 part cranberry juice. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a fresh sprig of mint.

Find Candy Cane online and in-store from: Mother City Liquors, Deeliver, Makro and soon on Takealot.

Key Details:

  • Bottle Size: 750ml
  • 30 Tot-sized Servings
  • Alcohol by Volume: 15%
  • Recommended Retail Price: RRP 249.95

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