Businesswoman, Boity Thulo, expands her brand with the launch of BT Signature

More than a celebrated entertainer and social media star, Boitumelo Thulo, affectionately known as Boity, is also an astute businesswoman, having built up an empire over the last few years through multiple brand deals and business ventures. Boity is the proverbial dynamite that comes in small packages, and her latest venture is proof of that.

While many are putting their celebrity status behind brands by being ambassadors, Boity is making her mark in a different way. As a major shareholder and Director of BTMK Beverages, Boity has successfully created and launched BT Signature, her own premium, superior tasting alcoholic and non-alcoholic ready-to-drink (RTD) frizzante fruit beverages. Not only is Boity the first black South African woman to create and own an RTD beverage, but she’s also the first celebrity to create a non-alcoholic variant – something South Africans seem to be crying out for if the positive response from her fans on social media is anything to go by. According to Boity, creating an RTD product has been on her bucket list for some time, and she decided now was the right time to make it happen.

Boity partnered with renowned winemaker Matthew Krone, who applied his vast experience and skills in wine-making to bring this premium range, designed with the discerning palate in mind, to life. Joining this dynamic duo was investor and advisor Francois Rozon, the long-term MD of Appletiser who helped globalise the brand, as well as Steve Powell and Jacki McEwen-Powell, founding partners of the award-winning Eclipse Communications as investors and marketeers of the brand.

Says Boity, “BT Signature is close to my heart and is representative of who I am. I’ve been involved in every process of getting BT Signature to market, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the very best in the business to create a product that I am extremely proud of.”


Boity all the way

Just looking at the beautifully packaged product and savouring the delicious taste, it’s apparent that BT Signature is Boity all the way. Characterised by juicy peach aromas overlaid with hints of nectarine, the sparkling drink is deliciously refreshing and uplifting, much like Boity herself. Even when choosing the name, Boity put her stamp on the brand with her initials BT, while adding the word ‘Signature’. This signifies that she’s not only putting her personal stamp and mark on the brand but also celebrating others who make their mark in the world – bold and fashionable leaders and trendsetters who embrace success.

Thanks to a large dedicated social following and fanbase, Boity is not only paving her own way but encouraging others to do the same. “As much as this product was created to celebrate success, it is also an encouragement to take chances and make your mark through hard work, determination, building connections, and following your passions with sheer grit,” says Boity.

Confidence is key

Boity continues to show that, when it comes to success, age and experience pales in comparison to hard work and genuine passion for what you do. “Launching BT Signature has been a true achievement for me as it’s a testament that hard work pays off and that anyone can be successful – regardless of your age, experience, or background. I put 100% of my energy and focus into BT Signature, and by doing so, I was able to create a product that I truly believe in and being able to share it with my fellow South Africans is incredibly special. With hard work and passion, you too can make your mark, and turn every moment into a BT Signature moment,” she concludes.

BT Signature is available to purchase at select Shoprite LiquorShop stores countrywide, retailing at RRSP R24.99 (non-alcoholic) and RRSP R29.99 (alcoholic) each.