Birkenstock Adventure Collection

Choose Adventure: the brand-new Adventure Collection from Birkenstock is versatile and cool

Birkenstock is widely known for its functional designs, and now they have released a new collection that takes wearability to new levels. The Adventure Collection, which boasts a very trendy, urban-cool aesthetic, is completely water-ready and the ideal addition to any summer wardrobe.


The Adventure collection includes sandals for both men and women, which feature a unique ‘hook and loop’ technology. This allows for easy adjustability. The sandals’ upper material is water-ready and very easy to clean, while the footbed is anatomically shaped for comfort and breathability. The sandals have been designed and manufactured with materials that help prevent slipping and keep the feet cool in the warm summer months.

Birkenstock Adventure Collection


The collection includes sandals in a choice of two shades: Futura Black and Futura Khaki. Women can choose from the Sahara sandal and the Kalahari sandal, while the men’s styles include Atacama and Tatacoa. All the pieces are equally suited to city walking as they are to outdoor trails, thanks to their combination of style, function and comfort.

When it comes to creating comfortable shoes, Birkenstock knows a thing or two — the brand can be traced as far back as 1774 and began using the term ‘footbed’ in the 1910s. This term has become synonymous with outstanding comfort when walking and standing and is a concept that has been fully embraced by the company for many years. Besides their range of sandals for which they are known, Birkenstock also has a growing range of closed shoes, children’s shoes and occupational footwear.