Amajoya Candies

Amajoya Launches New Dessert-Inspired Smooth Candy Range

Much-loved South African confectionery brand, Amajoya, is thrilled to announce the launch of their new, irresistible dessert-inspired candy range. This new range will excite consumers and inspire moments of joy, one sensational candy at a time. The latest Amajoya range offers a delightful combination of authentic dessert flavours and the confectioner’s celebrated smooth candy texture. It promises a uniquely decadent experience for sweet lovers looking to enjoy an indulgent moment with family and friends.

Amajoya Candies

Irresistible Dessert Flavours

Staying true to the Amajoya values, the new range contains only the finest-quality ingredients, such as real dairy and cocoa, resulting in a beautifully smooth taste and texture. Each candy offers a unique and unparalleled flavour experience that you won’t find elsewhere – instantly delighting your palate.

The latest melt-in-your-mouth confections are:

  1. Amajoya Double Chocolate Candy: Made with real dairy and superior cocoa, it can’t get more decadent than chocolate covered by more chocolate.
  2. Amajoya Hazelnut Praline Candy: With its silky chocolate coating giving way to a luscious hazelnut core – this delightful morsel is moreishly divine.
  3. Amajoya Red Velvet Candy: Savour the taste of red velvet cake with a swirl of white chocolate as a bite-sized treat.
  4. Amajoya Berry Cheesecake Candy: Experience a delightful berry cheesecake treat bursting with more blissful flavour on the inside.
  5. Amajoya Strawberries & Cream Candy: The classic combination of tantalisingly tangy strawberries paired with velvety-rich cream remains an all-time candy favourite.

These five dessert-inspired candies are more than just treats. They are proof of Amajoya’s commitment to confectionery innovation, drawing you in with vibrant packaging, unparalleled depth of flavour, and a luxurious mouthfeel.

Each 125 g pack of individually wrapped Amajoya candies offers an unforgettable taste experience – capturing a moment of pure joy in every bite.

Amajoya Candies

Satisfy Your Sweetest Needs

The Amajoya dessert-inspired smooth candy range hit retail shelves in late August 2023, and the confectioner has invited everyone to try these irresistible treats for themselves, experiencing the joy each flavour brings.

Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat to savour on your own, a special indulgence to share with loved ones or a high-quality gift – Amajoya’s new dessert-inspired candy will satisfy your sweetest needs.

A Dedication to Spreading Joy with Every Bite

With the development of each new range, Amajoya steadfastly upholds their dedication to creating only the finest confectionery delights. Treats that are so good they taste the way joy feels.

As the brand continues to innovate and expand their product range, they promise to uphold the values that have always made them one-of-a-kind in the confectionery industry. This is reflected in every product Amajoya creates, and the new dessert-inspired range is no exception.

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Amajoya Candies

Available in Stores Nationwide

Find the full range of Amajoya candies in leading stores across South Africa. Simply head over to your nearest Shoprite, Checkers, SPAR, Pick n Pay, Makro, Dis-Chem or Clicks to stock up on the new dessert-inspired range, toffees, sugar-free candies, and more.