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5 Ways to Add a Trick to Your Treat This Halloween

As Halloween approaches, it’s time to forget the traditional tricks and cobwebs – this year promises to be a boo-tiful mix of sipping and spooking!

Let’s kick things off with a true Halloween classic – sweets! Instead of raiding the trick-or-treat stash, pair your favourite Halloween treats with the perfect wine. For chocolatey treats, a bold and unapologetic Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect choice. If you’re into gummy candies, a delicate Rosé, with its sweet strawberry profile, complements fruit-flavoured sweets.

Turn your living room into a home cinema for a Halloween movie marathon. As you settle in for a night of spooky flicks, make sure you have your wine selection ready. For classic films, a deep and brooding Merlot can be your ideal companion. If you’re more into light-hearted Halloween movies, pop open a bottle of sparkling wine.

Our movie suggestion: “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Say it three times, and he’ll make an appearance! So, don your finest black and white striped suit, and enjoy a glass of the magnificently, big-hearted FAT bastard Merlot while dancing to the tune of ‘Day-O!

fat bastard merlot

Boo-zy business: Themed drinks are perfect for any gathering of creepy creatures. You can take your wine-loving friends on a ghostly journey with a haunted wine tasting event or come up with a bewitching signature cocktail. Decorate your space with candlelight, spiderwebs, and maybe even a few skeletons. Let your imagination run wild with Halloween themed wine and cocktail names. Remember, it’s all about the ambiance!

Top tip: Transform a red wine sangria into a spellbinding Witches Brew by using a red wine, fruit juices, and a splash of soda for a chill-ing drink and for an extra dash of spooky, drop in a piece of dry ice* to each glass.

DIY wine bottle decor: Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with your wine bottles. Collect empty bottles, clean them up, and transform them into spooky decorations. Paint them with black, orange, and white colours, and let your artistic side shine. You can create a whole army of creepy wine bottle ghosts or spellbinding potion bottles. Display your creations proudly as unique Halloween décor.

No Halloween is complete without a costume party! This year, take it up a notch by hosting a wine-themed costume bash. Invite your guests to dress up as their favourite wine-related characters, sommeliers, silk scarf is a must, or even a bunch of grapes. Set up a wine tasting station with a selection of your favourite wines and let the costumes and laughter flow.

Our scariest costume: ‘Ran out of Wine’. Here’s what you’ll need: An empty wine bottle, that’s the entire list. Maybe a spare glass wouldn’t hurt either. With these in hand, you’re all set to tackle the most terrifying Halloween costume of them all; the one where you run out of wine! And remember to perfect your pouring technique while adding in some dramatic cries of despair for the full effect.

Wishing you a Halloween filled with wine so good, it’s almost ‘fang-tastic.’ Cheers to a spooky sip-tacular evening!

*Wait until the dry ice melts before taking the first sip and handle with care.