3 ways music can help improve your workout

With many of us kicking off the year with new fitness resolutions in mind, the need for great work-out tracks is more important than ever. Here are a few ways the right playlist can help you stay focused and motivated when you need it most.

1) Music helps you keep pace

According to Scientific American, music creates a “rhythm response”, which is our subconscious instinct to synchronise our movements and expressions to music. You know when you  can’t help but tap along to the beat? Our bodies naturally gravitate to a rhythm, and this proves to be particularly useful for exercise. Music synchronises our minds with our bodies and helps us keep a steady pace during a workout, preventing us from exerting or injuring ourselves while still maintaining a consistent level of effort.

2) Music elevates your mood and motivates you

Finding the motivation to work out isn’t always easy, especially after a long and draining day at work. But, when we’re in a good mood, we’re more likely to muster our strength to go for a jog or put our gym membership to good use. This is where music steps in. A study by Frontiers in Psychology found that people listen to music to improve their mood and achieve self-awareness. Music is processed directly by the amygdala – the part of our brain involved in mood and emotions – and can boost the brain’s production of the ‘feel-good’ hormone dopamine.

So, when you’re getting sucked into the couch and can feel your motivation levels dropping, a good pick-me-up track really can put you in the right mindset for a workout.

3) Music distracts you in a healthy way

If working out is hard, it means you’re doing it right. Of course, it’s important not to push yourself too hard, but you do need to keep going through physical discomfort. As they say, no pain means no gain. So how can music help distract you from the strain of exercise? Music competes with our sensations and helps drown out some of the negative physical feelings we experience when our muscles are fatigued.

In an article published by the American Council on Exercise, Karageorghis argues that music is like “a legal drug for athletes” because it can “reduce the perception of effort significantly and increase endurance by as much as 15%”. Next time you feel your body is at its limit, put on your go-to motivational track and let the beats power you through. 

Find the perfect workout accessory

If you want to listen to music while chasing those fitness goals, you’ll need the right audio accessory to get you in the groove. A common problem with exercising with earphones is that your ears produce sweat and wearing earbuds while training often leads to skin irritation or even ear infections. Fortunately, there are some innovative audio products that take care of that. LG’s TONE Free FN7 earbuds come with medical-grade hypoallergenic silicone ear gels for more comfortable use, and they utilise a UVnano charging cradle that kills 99.9% of bacteria while charging your earbuds.

If you’re into outdoor or at-home exercise, you might want an audio accessory that allows you to really crank up the volume. LG’s XBOOM Go PL7 Bluetooth speakers are water resistant, boast a 24-hour battery life, and have Dual Action Bass with powerful woofers that vibrate and radiate different colours as you play music. And, with Meridian technology that makes sounds clearer and more three-dimensional, these Bluetooth speakers are sure to get your body moving  as you work out. 

Press play and pump those muscles

There are some great workout playlists on Apple Music and Spotify that will have you booming through your routine. Or, create your own playlist of your favourite tracks and be sure to choose faster songs for higher intensity and slower ones for lighter exercise.

Working out isn’t just healthy. It’s also one of the surest ways to put yourself in a good mood. The same goes for listening to music. With all the benefits of listening to music while working out, why exercise in silence? Start pumping the tunes while you pump those muscles and you’ll be fitter, happier, and more productive without even realising you’re breaking a sweat.