3 Reasons To Wear Your Birthstone

Birthstones have a long history that dates back to ancient times and are loved by many for their special meanings.  

Birthstones have been revered for their meaning and beauty as far back as biblical times. Over time, the stones were linked with the 12 zodiac signs and then eventually with the 12 months of the year. By the early 1900s, the 12 birthstones were made official by the National Association of Jewellers, the UK’s trade association for the jewellery sector. Now, birthstones are loved worldwide — here’s why you might consider adding yours to your jewellery collection.


For generations, certain properties and meanings have been associated with birthstones, and they are often worn as symbols of good luck. Birthstones are also believed to provide protection — the ruby, for example, has protective energy that can help alleviate issues related to self-worth and survival.


Birthstones have long been used for healing and are believed by many to hold positive energy. According to those in the know, each birthstone has its own particular vibration and composition that can be used to elevate one’s mood and sense of wellbeing. Turquoise, for example, has a long history in folklore as a natural healer.


One of the loveliest things about birthstones is that, whether or not you believe in their healing and protective properties, they are connected to your time of birth and can make a statement that feels uniquely personal. And when it comes to jewellery designs, the options are endless — the gemstones come in various shades and can be worn in many forms and styles.


January: Garnet

Typically a shade of red, garnets are considered grounding stones. They are often associated with faithfulness and honesty.

February: Amethyst 

The birthstone for February, amethyst, has a beautiful purple hue and is a type of quartz. The stone is said to have a balancing and calming effect.

March: Aquamarine 

A light blue stone, aquamarine was named after the Latin term for seawater. Early sailors kept the stone close for protection against the dangers of the ocean.

April: Diamond 

This gemstone is loved around the world for its incomparable beauty. Its name is derived from the Greek word for invincible, and the stone is believed to support one’s intentions and truth.

May: Emerald

This gorgeous green mineral has featured in myths and stories for generations and is associated with good health, abundance and fortune.

June: Pearl 

The pearl is the only birthstone formed by a living creature and is made of a material known as calcium carbonite. It has a calming effect and serves as a reminder of the power and potential of transformation.

July: Ruby 

This striking red gem is considered to be both grounding and protective. Known by ancient Hindus as the ‘king of gems’, rubies were often worn as protection from evil.

August: Peridot 

This pretty green stone symbolises strength and is believed to keep negative energies like jealousy, insecurity and indecision at bay.

September: Sapphire 

Well-known and loved, the beautiful sapphire takes its name from both the Latin and Greek words for blue. Known as the ‘wisdom stone’, the sapphire is associated with compassion and empathy.

October: Opal

A type of silica, the opal is a colourful stone that reveals rainbow colours within its milky hue. It’s a mysterious gem that draws one in to look below the surface.

November: Topaz

The colour of topaz can vary depending on the trace elements it contains and can range from clear to yellow, orange, brown and pink. The stone is believed to have noble, moral energy.

December: Turquoise 

A lovely shade of greenish-blue, turquoise has been revered for its beauty and natural magic since ancient times. It’s believed to be soothing and supportive and serves as a reminder of the natural world’s healing ability.